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About Fez

About Fez

Fez was the first capital of Addarissa, the first Islamic dynasty in Morocco. It is considered as one of the biggest cities in Morocco, it is also the first imperial city, and contains one of the largest old Madina in the world; hence, it is considered by UNESCO as an international patrimony. Fez represents a typical oriental city thanks to its rich history, amazing architecture all over the old streets and houses, many shops of traditional handicrafts.

The Moroccan People

People of Fez are friendly and very welcoming and polite with the visitors of this wonderful city either as tourists or on business. The geographical location as well as the richness of culture and history which is reflected in architecture and craft industry, and the flow of new investment funds makes Fez an attractive city for many international activities in different fields. Due to recent expansions of the business opportunities in Morocco, specifically in Fez, FezToday.com has become an extremely powerful tool to connect businesses and people around the world who would like to take part in this vibrant upwardly and distinguished community.

Morocco is an interesting country located in the north of Africa being very close to the Southern part of European continent, closely linked to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, stretching all the way south to the Sahara. The country has a varied and good weather throughout the seasons. This great country has a strategic place in North Africa only 14 kilometers away from Europe, with interesting and enjoyable natural and historical places which are attractive for people from all over the world, the beauty of nature with the large mountains, vast swath of forests. It is also the place where Europe's cool wind and the heat of the Sahara intersects to create a unique climate and diversified natural landscapes.

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The Kingdom of Morocco

Kingdom of Morocco is situated in North Africa with coast in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Morocco lies at the northwest corner of Africa, just across the Rock of Gibraltar from Spain.. The Kingdom of Morocco, as it’s officially known, is a country located in North Africa with a population of nearly 34 million. Morocco is a country of unique beauty ranging from the heavily forested heights of the Atlas Mountains to the sandy plains of the countries interior. Many European mainly regarded it as though it is an African country. But it is very unique and different from other African countries.